LaborTracks is a web-based tool that helps unions fight for workers' rights. It does this by tracking management at the local, regional, and national level. Tracking management in this way allows unions to influence a manager's agreement compliance (they're much more likely to behave when watched) and eliminate management's ability to hide their past deeds by moving to a new location. In addition to these benefits, LaborTracks also provides the ability to:

  • Create grievance templates - standardizing the grievance
  • Perform grievance tracking - following a grievance from step A to Z
  • Provides best practice analysis - highlighting which local is winning their grievances
  • Improve communication - keeping everyone in the loop when it comes to union business

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Labor Tracks Stat

  • Currently supporting 9826 union workers.
  • 16768 Grievances have been filed.
  • Tracking 650 Managers.